Berenice records specializes in showcasing new and exciting rock and electronic music not covered by the mainstream. Founding member Jason Dean has been a professional drummer for fifteen years. His goal is to create a vehicle for fresh and exciting music from Midcoast Maine to NYC.

The first ep for release will be self titled and is comprised of instrumental rock. It was written an produced by Dean, with the help of Joel Watson on guitar an James Taylor on bass. Jason plays with James and Joel in the 220S, a progressive rock band from Maine that plays all over New England and NYC. This is Jason’s first venture into being a solo artist. Jason says that when he first started out this project he was very influenced by soundtracks and early early Pink Floyd and T Rex. Although just a project band. His next project Bangers and Mash will be more of a regular full time band. Very much inspired by early hip hop late sixties Miles Davis and electronic artists such as Aphex Twin as well as early experimental electronic artist Laibach. The first ep is being recorded as we speak.